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Burn me alive.
Set me on fire
and watch me die.
Burn me alive.
Watch me resurrect,
Right before your eyes.

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4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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*rides into battle on a gym class butt scooter*


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An Angora Sweater.

Ed Wood, Tim Burton, 1994.

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*waits for puberty to turn me hot until i’m 43*


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 In grade 8 I really hated this girl so I collected the sugar from my pack of sour patch kids and gave it to her saying its cocaine and she actually  snorted it and at recess she pretended she was high and she was called crack whore for the rest of the year. Now she does real crack and blames me saying I got her addicted. She still doesnt know it was just sugar

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This is “The Safest Wall” in Seoul, South Korea. Young couples show their love for each other by locking a pair of padlocks to this fence, and throwing the keys over the edge. By throwing away the keys, they are showing their undying commitment to each other. And if you are out there, I promise I will take you to this place. I hope you exist. I’m waiting.

And then he cheats on you.


Definitely worth a second reblog.

LOL the gif

haha went there yesterday

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